Women need to fight back!

Hi everyone!

I guess I just wanted to write this quick post, as I have been thinking a lot about the pressures and concerns that girls and women face everyday of their lives in our society.

The fact that women are ridiculed for their appearance or treated as a sexual object when they leave the sanctity of their own home (and for me, this happens almost everyday I leave my home in London) has got to stop.

I have noticed an increased number of YouTube videos demonstrating the behaviour of men towards women they see on the street. It angers me to think that these men are able to get away with disgraceful behaviour and as such, we as women need to stand up to this sort of behaviour. I vow to no longer ignore snide comments that make me feel like an object of sexual desire, no longer will I allow a group of dirty, old men to stare at me in such a way that I feel violated and wonder if I should stop dressing in a certain way. No. We live in a free country where women should not have to deal with this.

I urge any of you who are reading this to join me in educating men (obviously not all men behave like this and for that I am truly thankful that there are men out there who want to fight with us to stop this too!) that they can no longer treat us in this way, that they need to exercise self control and they are not allowed to make women feel like a sexual object because we are people too.

I apologise that this post is more of a rant than a fashion post but I feel very strongly about this particular issue.

Thank you for reading and I will be back this week with a lighter, fashion-related post!

Lots of love,

Emma-Lou x


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, it really means the world to me when you post a comment and I do reply to everyone. xxx

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