Festival Fashion- Latitude 2014

Hello chic@s and welcome back to another post on The British Fashion Notebook.

I was lucky enough to be invited to spend the weekend at Latitude Festival in Suffolk this weekend, and I can tell you that it was absolutely incredible. The line-up was fantastic, with my favourite artists (The Black Keys, Damon Albarn, Bombay Bicycle Club) confirming my reason for loving them. As I was there for the entire 3 days, I saw a variety of very cool festival outfits. I wasn’t able to get any photos of anyone because I needed to retain as much battery as I could, however, I thought I would put together my festival picks and what I wore for the weekend!

I chose to keep all my outfits simple and cheap so I wouldn’t be disheartened if anything got ruined. So the day before, I headed to H&M and picked up the cheapest but nicest looking t shirts I could find. One was a burnt orange, sleeveless, scooped neck t shirt and I picked up another one in charcoal grey, sleeveless but a higher neck. Both were very loose fitted so they were excellent for the very humid and hot conditions that we experienced there. I also took one pair of denim shorts and my harem pants from Lidl. And that was pretty much it on the clothing front! I took one jumper and a water proof jacket that was foldable. I wanted to keep it really simple and easy so that if anything got ruined it wouldn’t be a huge deal, especially as the t shirts only cost me £2.99 and the shorts were £7.50!

What do you wear to a festival?


Emma-Lou xx

(Sorry for the lack of photos on this post, I’m hopefully receiving my camera this week from my parents as they’re bringing it up for my graduation so I shall be back to taking photos for the blog soon!)

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