Masato Jones and my Graduation Results!

Hello my fellow fashionistas and welcome back to The British Fashion Notebook!

I have some very exciting news to share with you all, well it is very exciting for me anyway! I received my final exam results this morning and I can now officially say that I am graduating from The University of East Anglia with a 2:1 Double Honours in Modern Languages (French and Spanish). I am absolutely over the moon with my results and I am so proud of everyone who is graduating this year. We have all worked so hard to achieve the results we get and to any of you out there who is in the same boat as me… WE DID IT! Congratulations and be proud of everything you have achieved so far because now it’s time to start a real journey and for you to really show the world what you are made of!

Anywho, back to the post! So today’s post features Japanese British based fashion designer, Masato Jones. He started his own label MASATO after graduating from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.
I was lucky enough to get a hold of one of his most recent pieces, the dream catcher t shirt, only 100 were made! So I thought i’d showcase it here on the blog.

So I decided to pair the shirt with my high waisted Joni jeans from topshop and my recently acquired creepers that I bought at a bargain price on ebay. I haven’t stopped wearing them since I got them, I am officially in love 🙂

Anyway, I am off to enjoy this glorious London sunshine. Congratulations once again to all my fellow graduates, and I’ll see you soon on the British Fashion Notebook.



Em x


4 thoughts on “Masato Jones and my Graduation Results!

  1. Lauren Kelly says:

    Congratulations! 😀 Can definitely relate to the feeling as I got my results through on Thursday (next blog post will definitely have a dedicated ‘degree results’ paragraph haha)! Enjoy the moment and all the celebrations! x

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