Do’s and Don’ts of the LBD

Hi everyone,

Everybody says that the perfect LBD(Little Black Dress in case you are unsure!) is the staple item of clothing to have in your wardrobe. I must say I agree, but there are a few Do’s and Don’ts that go along with owning that LBD- No matter how perfect it is, if you match it with the wrong accessories, it will not save you.  Here are a list of my Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to your perfect LBD…

Do: Wear with red lips and a good quality pair of tights (You can check out my previous post all about how to find the perfect tights for you here)

Don’t: match it with accessories that will make you look like a mourning widow. The LBD is supposed to be a blank canvas to which you add details to accentuate your features.

Do: choose accessories to suit the time of day

Don’t: wear an LBD that is too tight. If you are opting for a boy con, then make sure it hugs the body and not squeezes it. Anything too tight will draw attention away from a beautiful dress and to areas that you may not want stared at.

Do: choose the best material that you can find and afford.

Don’t: wear an LBD that is too shiny. Shine detracts from the simplicity of the LBD and will turn the outfit into something else. Find something subtle, sleek and timeless so it can be the ultimate piece in your wardrobe.

Do: make sure you can dance in it. If you can dance in it then it’s the perfect size and shape for you, and besides who doesn’t like to dance?!

Some of my favourite LBDs are:

Boohoo (which is the one I have recently bought and it is FABULOUS!)

(Photo from


This lace cami from Asos

(Photo from




This chiffon dress by H&M

(photo from H&M)
(photo from H&M)


And this is my absolute favourite by Ted Baker


(Photo from
(Photo from


There we have it, my Do’s and Don’ts of the LBD and my favourite styles!

How do you wear your LBD?


Emma-Lou x

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