Accessories are Your Best Friends #5 ARM CANDY

Hey everyone,

So the last post in this series is all about that ARM CANDY! I personally LOVE wearing bangles, bracelets and, of course, my trusty watch and I always make sure I have a stack of bangles somewhere within reaching distance if my outfit calls for it.

Whether it be PLASTIC, COLOURFUL, ETHNIC OR GOLD bangles are a staple style piece that any girl should have to throw on at a moment’s notice.

Bangles are available in so many different varieties, ranging from non-precious to precious metals, from extremely plain to hand crafted laden with intricate designs. There are bracelets out there to suit everyone. Try out different versions and find which ones suit your personal style.

For those of you with BOLD fashion sense, try wearing an arm stacked with colourful bangles to really make your outfit pop.

For a glamorous look, opt for gold- real or not- thin bangles and at least six of them if not more on order for them to stand out.

And if you’re extremely lucky and have got your hands on same Bakelite bangles then dare to wear but make sure to look after them as Bakelite jewellery is not longer manufactured.

There you have it, my final accessories post in this series but  be sure to check back next week when I will be blogging about the perfect LBD…

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Lots of Love,

Emma-Lou x


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