Accessories Are Your Best Friends #4 Headbands

Hi everyone, 

This week is just a quick post about one of my favourite accessories of the moment, HEADBANDS.

Back in the day they were mostly associated with festivals and flower power, but over the recent years they have made a dramatic comeback as vintage pearls, delicate feathers, colourful flowers and even intricate chains, adorn the hair. This is one of my favourite accessories to play around with as headbands really can help you out on a bad hair day. 

If the head band is elasticated, you can tuck your hair into it, creating a neat and very simple up do to keep your hair out the way. Or  if the hair just won’t sit right, pop on a head band, tease a little, maybe add a few curls here and there et voilà the perfect head piece and no one even has to know you tried to throw your brush in anger across the room!


There you have it, the penultimate accessory that everyone should have in their collection. The last accessories post will be up next Wednesday, so be sure to stop by and have a read of that one.


Lots of Love,


Emma-Lou x


INSTAGRAM: @ooh_loula TWITTER: @EmmaLouWagstaff 


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, it really means the world to me when you post a comment and I do reply to everyone. xxx

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