Accessories are your Best Friends #3 SCARVES

Hi all!

I am back again with another instalment of Accessories are your Best Friends, and on this weeks post, we’ll be talking about scarves!

Scarves, the beautiful creation that flutters around a woman’s neck to keep the chill off her nape, that covers her hair to protect the suns damaging rays, that can turn a drab and monotone outfit into a spectacle to be witnessed by all. Scarves are one of my favourite accessories and I love ones with lots of colour in interesting pattern like ethnic and exotic coloured fabric. 

Scarves are a necessity in winter, coupled with a basic beige trench, or a leather jacket. In the summer time they are thin enough that you can use them as sarongs or a colourful wrap around skirt, and if it’s a long one you can even make it into a chic halter neck dress.

The best ones to look out for are those you find on our trips abroad to India, Peru, Mexico, Africa. If you can’t make it to an exotic destination (and let’s face it, it’s that way for the majority of us!) then look online for colourful scarves on ebay, and make sure to keep a look out in the ever favourite Charity Shops to snap up an absolute bargain. 


Hope you enjoyed today’s post.


Lots of love,

Emma-Lou x


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