Accessories are your Best Friends: Post #2


Image from MyTights

This weeks post will focus on TIGHTS! 

I wear tights almost all year round, not only when it’s cold, which is usually when most people drag out the tights to avoid legs being uncovered. However, if they are chosen badly they can make everything look cheap (I won’t hesitate to add that flesh coloured tights are hard to pull off). Although, if they are chosen well, tights can really liven up any drab and dreary outfit.

To avoid any fashion mistakes, go for black, opaque tights, but coloured tights are also great too. Try to steer away from red, if it’s paired with black it can create a dangerous association. Instead, look for colours such as violet, grey, lilac, fuchsia etc, all of which work with neutral colours. They can be combined with dresses, velvet, shorts, or denim but try to only choose to pair 1 or 2 colours together, you don’t want to look as if a unicorn threw up on you!

Fishnets and lace tights can also look great with a mini dress and a biker jacket!

STAY AWAY from butterfly, flowery or animal printed tights unless you know how to wear them well, we do not want you to look like a small child or a hippy.

Hope this post was interesting, there will be another post up on Sunday and another Accessories post next Wednesday. Be sure to follow me on INSTAGRAM and TWITTER to be kept up with the latest on the blog.

Lots of love,

Emma-Lou x


5 thoughts on “Accessories are your Best Friends: Post #2

  1. stef says:

    im a huge fan of black tights and leggings as its always pretty chilly where i live hehe:)I’m now following your blog via blogloving girlie!thanks for leaving a comment on mine:)xx

    1. oohloula says:

      You should embrace your legs no matter what size and find a colour that suits you. If you are feeling shy about your legs, I would suggest going more more muted tones like olive green or navy blue until you feel like you’re ready for the primary colours! xxx

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