London Fashion Week 2013 Fashions Finest Show with Chika Couture

Chika Couture

London Fashion Week 2013

Fashions Finest Fashion Show with Chika Couture

Sunday 15th September – Grand Connaught Rooms

It’s 5:45am and my phone started buzzing, blaring out the sounds of The Jam to wake me up. However, I was up and out of bed faster than a child on Christmas day. This was my Christmas day, my first ever fashion show, and I was getting to work behind the scenes to watch the Chika Couture PunkAfrique S/S14 collection walk down the catwalk.

I got the the venue for 8am and preparations had already begun, creating the backdrop for the exciting day that lay ahead, models already in hair and make up for the first show of the day, fittings for the clothes were underway. The rest of the team at Chika Couture huddled in a small room, filled with several other designers who were showcasing that day, squeezing naked bodies into tight outfits, praying that no seam would burst, no material would rip and that the clothes would come to life on the models. We had the accessories ready to go and were pairing them up to the outfits. Everything was coming together nicely and now all we had to wait for were the shoes!

The day whizzed by in a blur, run throughs were taking place, as well as music preparation on the other side of the wall. Seeing as we had a bit of time to kill, we decided to head downstairs in search of a room where we could change into our own ‘show’ outfits. Of course we had our own glamorous attire to wear and we were very excited to change, feeling like models ourselves as we stepped back into our backstage cupboard, with even the models admiring our clothes, and we were only the trainees!

The show went off without a hitch, models running in and out of the changing room, into the next look and the next designer. Music filled the room and the audience were attentively watching the show unfold from the side lines.

The excitement was pulsing through our entire team, for the majority of us it was our very first fashion show and 12 minutes later we were walking down the catwalk ourselves to the sounds of applause and delight from the crowd. We did it, all our hard work over the past month had come together and there we were, beaming with happiness. As we walked back down the runway, all I could think of was WOW. That had to be the longest but the best and most exhilarating day of my life and I can’t wait to do it all again on the 10th October, when me and the Chika Couture Team will be heading to Liverpool for a celebrity blogger event.

I will, of course, be taking my camera so I’ll make sure to snap a few photos of our outfits as well as any celebs we may encounter. Until then, look out for some OOTDs on here. You can follow me on Twitter @EmmaLouWagstaff or on Instagram @Ooh_loula.

Lots of love,

Em x


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