The Interview

What to wear, what to wear, what to wear…’ I chanted as I ran around my room, desperately searching for THE interview outfit. Normally I don’t have trouble pulling together pieces for important occasions, but today, today my head was an absolute mess and I had no idea why nothing was coming to me. Eventually I decided on a cute but sophisticated looking combo, which included a brown pencil skirt with large buckle detailing to cinch in the waist and an off-white tee with pearls sewn around the neck line to give an appearance of a necklace, both pieces purchased from Teamed with my trusted £4 heeled chelsea boots from  I was set and ready to go. I headed out the door, the latest issue of Elle magazine tucked under my arm and I strutted my way to the overground station. As I was waiting on the platform for my train to West Croydon, I glanced around. It was 1:30pm and a very, very hot day in London. You know those kind of days; stuffy, humid and very bright, I loved it! The train pulled up to the platform and as soon as the doors opened a cool breeze filtered out of the train, thank goodness for air conditioning on the overground! I had to change trains at West Croydon, so I waited, and I waited and I waited, but my connection to London Bridge just didn’t turn up, until I realised there was a 3rd platform… and my train to London Bridge began to pull away!

No, no no,’ I thought to myself, ‘I am going to be late!’ This was not something I had factored into my time schedule, luckily the next train to pull up was one I could still catch so I jumped on, and sat willing the train to hurry up and get to Thornton Heath. As soon as it had pulled up to the station, I ran from the doors, up the stairs and out between the barriers, all the while trying to not let the heat melt my face away. I ran across the street into the Assembly House in Thornton Heath, the elevators were broken, so I ran, two at a time, up the stairs to the 6th floor. I guess all my sprint training had paid off, even though when I got to the top, I could feel my hair sticking to my head, as I tried to brush myself off. Then I walked through the door, ready to rock this interview.

About an hour later I emerged, and I couldn’t be happier. I did it, I had landed myself a job with a fashion designer and I was expected to go full force to prepare for London Fashion Week.

to be continued…

Emma-Lou xo



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